Farm Stay at Terra Verde Ecofarm & Resort

Farms are a magical place for little eyes and hands; they are an educational playground for children. Taking Amanda to a farm exposes her to many learning opportunities, and staying on a farm just lets us get back to simple pleasures that allow us to take things at a slower pace.

It’s been a while since Paulo and I had gone to a trip. Finally on his birthday weekend, with Amanda in tow, we had a quick back-to-nature getaway at Terra Verde Ecofarm & Resort. Amanda has never been around nature with lots of plants and farm animals, and staying on the farm provided her opportunity to play, run around open spaces, and enjoy a high rate of sensory learning.

We hopped in the car first thing Saturday morning and typed in our destination on Waze. We took CAVITEX and the travel was just about 2 hours. It surely was a quick escape from the busy city life.

Terra Verde Ecofarm & Resort is a family owned estate where you can relax, enjoy, and learn. This 15-hectare property is now an agri-tourism spot in Maragondon, Cavite offering day tours and overnight accommodations. We stayed in one of their “Kubins” (kubo cabins), but families may also opt to pitch their own tent at a minimal fee. They can even set up a bonfire for you, which would be perfect for a night of stargazing. Though you won’t be exactly roughing it because there’s hot shower available, and the Kubins are airconditioned, but I think it is comfortably cool at night should you decide to turn off the aircon and maximize nature’s white noise.


There’s so much to do in this place. We had the guided tour at their zoo and organic farm. They housed farm animals and even wild animals. It was a delightfully noisy farm, and we had fun identifying the animals and their sounds.


Terra Verde Ecofarm also has an area dedicated to grow all the vegetables and fruits mentioned in the song “Bahay Kubo.” It was amusing that they took the line “sa paligid ligid ay puno ng linga” literally because they planted sesame around the whole yard.

17886828_10211855684443017_2009354870_oSmall flowers are also in bloom. Ah, I love that there is a wide variety of tactile experiences for Amanda. We let her roam around and touch things, basically let her enjoy all the information she is absorbing.


Another sensory learning for Amanda is the smell not just of the animals, but the grass, feeds, flowers, fruits, and vegetables along with the fresh air. It also fills my heart to see our daughter have unstructured free play exploring Terra Verde’s wide open spaces.



Guests can also enjoy the RC race track, horse back riding, and the buffalo ride, but Amanda was so thrilled just to see a real and moving tractor up close! Guests are also welcome to harvest any produce. It wasn’t harvest season when we got there, but we’re still lucky to take home some organic vegetables that we picked the next morning. Terra Verde is also a nice spot to eat locally grown foods. The farm offers all-day breakfast, but for me the highlight would be our dinner “paluto style” cooked in their simple kitchen using the organic produce from the farm. We had a hearty organic chicken tinola and refreshing roselle juice.

Life in the city is crazy and fast paced, and having time to unplug by relaxing on a farm with my family is something I am so grateful for. Thanks also to the very friendly and accomodating people at Terra Verde, this farm experience is definitely one for the books! How lovely it was to spend the night out stargazing and just enjoying nature. Can’t wait to be back at this place, hopefully there’d be fireflies when we visit again.


How about you? What farms have you visited, and what are your favorite parts about those farms?


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